Why Graphite ?

Driving graphite demand today is its unique properties that make it essential for the production of the emerging ‘green energy’ and technology markets.

  • The highest natural strength and stiffness of any material known today
  • One of the lightest of all reinforcing agents
  • Very high natural lubricity that helps makes it an important ingredient in advanced technology manufacturing
  • Non corrosive properties
  • Extremely heat resistant
  • The ability to absorb fast-moving neutrons, thus, it is used in nuclear reactors to control the speed of the nuclear fission reaction
  • An excellent conductor of heat and electricity

The long term growth potential of high purity large flake graphite in the electric car battery as well as aerospace, sensor, solar and nuclear industries, will drive demand for this unique resource.


Graphite Growth Markets


Graphite is used in a number of growing sectors…

  • applications with lithium-ion batteries, notably used 
in electric vehicles
  • mobile electronics,
  • solar PV cells,
  • super capacitors (fuel cells)
  • pebble bed nuclear reactors
  • refractories
  • brake linings
  • foundry facing
  • lubricants

Graphite Li Battery



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